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Mohamed A. Ansary: تقرير عن محمد حسنين هيكل

Mohamed A. Ansary: تقرير عن محمد حسنين هيكل

Ten Arabic FORMS | PATTERNS in the Arabic Language الأوزان العشرة في الل...

Kahoot | Why & How to Use #Kahoot in your classroom?

One of the widely spread tools that can be used for increasing students’ engagement, interaction & digital literacy in and out of the classroom nowadays is the flexible, simple, diverse, engaging, global and free tool “Kahoot”. There is a very interactive Kahoot twitter account: @getkahoot . I recommend following it to be updated with new ideas and integrative free games from Kahoot. Thousands of Kahoots are available on for free. To my surprise, many students in my classes already know Kahoot and used it in their middle and high schools. You can also download your students’ reports as shown below and trace their development. The following figure is a report of one of my Kahoots in one of my workshops for k-16 educators.


Many new features have been added recently to Kahoot such as “Jubmle”. It proves to be interactive and engaging in the classroom. Also, with the challenge feature of the Kahoot App, Kahoots can be assigned as homework and for revision and reinforcement. Here is my full tutorial of how to create your own Jumbles on Kahoot. and this is a link of my full tutorial of how to use Kahoot in the Arabic Language classrooms. Medium: Arabic.

You can read about the rest of the top tech tools I rely on in my classes here:

AK2.10 العبارات الجديدة

Mohamed A. Ansary:

Mohamed A. Ansary:

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Classroom Management in Five Days: Chapter 6: Discipline & Regulate | By: Mohamed A. Ansary

Here is an excerpt from my Classroom Management in Five Days by Mohamed A. Ansary

Important Guidelines

There are several important guidelines that need to be included in the class rules. If the students don’t mention these when creating their list, then bring them up as suggestions explaining why they are important.
Guidelines you should consider including:
1.     Mobile phones and other electrical devices must be turned off and put away in bags before entering the classroom. They must remain there until students exit the class unless they are expressly asked to use them as part of an exercise.
2.    Treat all other class members respectfully.
3.    Be responsible for the care of classroom property.
4.    Don’t shout out in class but raise your hand if you would like to speak.
5.    Ask for help if you don’t understand.
If the class is engaged in group activities it can become quite noisy. Rather than trying to make yourself heard above this, try using a nonverbal signal such as flashing the classroom lights on and off to get the students’ attention.
If a student frequently causes disruption in class, take that student aside and discuss it with them in a friendly and understanding manner. Explain why their behavior is disruptive to the rest of the class and ask them how they can address the problem. By getting the student involved in a positive way, you are far more likely to solve the issue and prevent further occurrence.

Free 99 Books

فيلم حسن ومرقص

AK2.5 | Grammar

Answer the following questions:
الإضافة غير الحقيقية:

١هذا الشاب ………..    .…….. (رأس - كبيرو………… ………. (لسان - طويل).
٢والدتي …………  ………….. (قلب - طيبو ……….. …….… (حال - ميسور)
٣أخي ………. ………… (القامة - الطويلو………… ………… (القلب - الطيب)

Make sentences of your own to compare the two nouns provided  using التمييز construction.
القاهرة - كثير - الإسكندرية - جميل
محمود - كبير - علي - سن

نجيب محفوظ من (أكثرالأدباء العرب (انتاجًا).

I am older than you in terms of age.
I am less than you in terms of intelligence. 
Sam is more than his brother in terms of love for sports. 
My friend Salwa is more than me in terms of wanting to travel.
She is better than her friend in terms of manners.
Cairo is more than Damascus in terms of crowdedness.

أفعل التفضيل
(١- جبل أيفريست ............... .............. في العالم كله. ( جبل - عالي
(٢- ما هو ............  ............... في تاريخ الإنسانية في رأيكم؟ ( اكتشاف - عظيم

وزن فُعلى

كبير - أكبر - كُبرى
صغير - أصغر - صُغرى

  فصيح- - أفصح
أخير - آخر
 وسط - أوسط
 عظيم - أعظم

Greater Cairo - Asia Minor - Great Britain - Low temperature - High temperature 


Mohamed A. Ansary: AK2.5

Mohamed A. Ansary: AK2.5: اسألوا زملاءكم ١ - هل ستكتبون سيرتكم الذاتية؟ ٢ - هل ستواصلون الدراسة في الصيف؟   ٣ - ما هو أصعب مستوى في ...

AK2.5 | Specification

AK2.10 التمرينان ١٦ و١٧

كاد وأخواتها Al Kitaab 2 Grammar Lesson10

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Resources of Arabic: الحمد لله

Mohamed A. Ansary: محلات ومطاعم مصرية

Mohamed A. Ansary: محلات ومطاعم مصرية
This shirt is very small.
The shoes is very big.
How much is this jacket?
This is very expensive.
I will pay 100 dollars only.
No way.
I have 70 dollars.

I want to rent a new apartment.
I want a furnished apartment. 

How many rooms?
How much is the rent per month?
700 dollars per month.
This is expensive.

I cannot pay 700 dollars per month.

Mohamed A. Ansary: صباح الخير - صباح الورد - صباح الحب - صباح الفل - ...

Mohamed A. Ansary: صباح الخير - صباح الورد - صباح الحب - صباح الفل - ...

Mohamed A. Ansary: الثقافة المصرية | كلمات مدحت شلبي عند إحراز هدفي ا...

Mohamed A. Ansary: الثقافة المصرية | كلمات مدحت شلبي عند إحراز هدفي ا...: كلمات مدحت شلبي عند إحراز هدفي المباراة : الله يا بلادنا الله - الله أكبر - يا رب - بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم - الله يا بلادنا الله from Mo...

Mohamed A. Ansary: وليد ازارو والدارجة المغربية ورد فعل المصريين عند...

Mohamed A. Ansary: وليد ازارو والدارجة المغربية ورد فعل المصريين عند...

Mohamed A. Ansary:

Mohamed A. Ansary:

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