AlKitaab2. Translation: Review from 1 to 8

Translate into Arabic:
1-   Where were you yesterday? I thought you would help me , Sarah.
2-   They did not like the movie they saw yesterday.
3-   Will you prepare dinner for us today, dear wife?
4-   How many times per week you play football?
5-   In India, there are a big number of languages, which differ from each other.
6-   My sister is not married but my brother is married and immigrated to the USA with his wife and kids in 2000.
7-   I am not ready for the class today.
8-   I am one of the decision makers in my country.
9-   Yesterday, I read about the discoverers of the new world.
10-                 I am going to meet the two sisters of my friend Leila.

11-                 This newspaper Al Watan is not official.
12-                 The Egyptian economy became better than before.
13-                 The information you submitted to me is not enough.
14-                 These friends of mine are the best in the world.
15-                 This magazine The Economist is my favorite.
16-                 This birthday is very special.
17-                 Cairo was established in 969.
18-                 The United Nations was established after WW2.
19-                 He was seen by all his friends but he did not care.
20-                 I loved her but she did not love me.
21-                 An unknown email was sent yesterday to my friend Ethan.
22-                 She saw her friends walking in front of her without seeing her.
23-                 Mission Impossible 4 was filmed in Dubai.
24-                 The man came smiling and carrying his books.
25-                 Do you think that the revolution is the best way to change corrupted governments?
26-                 There is a small swimming pool in my house.
27-                 I cannot find the entrance or the exit of this hotel.
28-                 I usually do not write messages to anyone.
29-                 I visited mosques and churches in Egypt.
30-                 I met a lot of presidents and ministers in my last visit to the United Nations Headquarters.
31-                  My fiancée is well off and kind hearted.
32-                 This is the longhaired lady I met in the bus station last week.
33-                 I went to Ballantine Hall looking for my eight students.
34-                 How cold it is in Indiana in winter!
35-                 How amusing this film is!
36-                 How high your voices are!
37-                 How bad this experience is!
38-                 Relax, sit down and don’t talk.
39-                 Dear students listen and be careful.
40-         Let's visit Ahmed.

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