Wednesday, August 16, 2017

من أرشيف محمد الأنصاري في التسعينيات | كتابة المقال باللغة الانكليزية والخطوات المتبعة

This is an essay written about the following topic : ( How do you feel when the lecture is cancelled? )
Three things govern my feeling when the lecture is cancelled: the teacher’s personality, my mood at that time and the subject. These three things, simple but extremely important, specify my feeling as they touch me deeply.

First of all, my feeling depends on the teacher’s personality. If the teacher is optimistic, popular and cheerful, I will not be happy if he/ she cancells any of his/ her lectures. I may even feel disappointed because such lectures seem to paas very quickly. On the other hand, if the teacher is arrogant, tough and pessimistic, I will be happy when his/ her lecture is cancelled. I may even make up my mind not to attend such lectures which , more or less, lead to nothing but annoying me and affecting my psychological state.

Secondly, my feeling is governed by my mood at that time. In other words, if I have a cold or headache or even some personal problems, it will be impossible to attend my lectures at that time and if I am forced to attend, I will be distracted and out of mind. Therefore, when any lecture is cancelled at such a time, I will be very happy, on the contrary, if I am all right, I will be very sorry. Hence, my feeling in this case is governed according to my psychological state.

Finally, and more important, is the subject. There are some of the subjects which seem very dull. Consequently, I am very cheerful if any lecture of such a subject is cancelled. But I will not be happy if any lecture of an interesting subject is cancelled
By the help of the things mentioned above I can judge my feeling when the lecture is cancelled. Hence, I can specify whether I will be thrown into the stream of happiness or disappointment

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