Wednesday, August 16, 2017

من أرشيف محمد الأنصاري في التسعينيات | The exploitation of children in Egypt

The exploitation of children in Egypt is considered as an uncivilized behaviour that leads to nothing but the darkness of the future of these children. Unfortunately, there are parents who think that the exploitation of their children is a right given to them. Obviously, these children are used as bread winners for their families, through many ways; each way depending upon the nature of the environment in which the child lives. The result, more or less, is the same. It clearly means that the child loses his innocence, becomes a victim of his circumstances and above all, he loses his right as a human being.

A tragedy is clearly seen in the countryside of Egypt. Children are deprived very early of their education while they should be taught until at least the age of fourteen. Hence, they carry the burden on their shoulders from the very beginning. In the fields , especially in the seasons of harvests, children work so hard that every one of them gains at the end of the day about ten pounds, which are taken directly by fathers.

Another kind of exploitation of children is obviously seen in the towns among the low classes on the one hand, and the high classes on the other hand. It is known that the income of the low class families is not enough at all. Therefore, the children of these families have no choice but to be bread winners for their families. The girls  work as maidservants or apprentice hairdressers, while the boys either clean cars or become apprentices to any profession. Besides, those who are homeless or kidnapped , are put under the supervision of unsafe persons, so they become thieves and beggars.

In the high classes, the children are exploited for no reasons but increasing their parents’ wealth. An obvious example of that is the famous actors and actresses who drew their children in their stream. Hence, the child loses his innocence from 

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