Wednesday, August 16, 2017

من أرشيف محمد الأنصاري في التسعينيات | Why is divorce increasing nowadays

If  a husband and his wife feel that they lead a monotonous and incompatible life and that they cannot go any further together, the solution that comes to mind is “divorce”. But why is divorce increasing nowadays much more than in the past? Besides, why is it increasing in specific areas rather than others? Why is divorce attacking us?

The rate of divorce is on the increase due to some reasons. For example, women today think very highly of themselves and feel confident. This is because today women depend on themselves and earn their living by working.They do not live in the dark any longer as women did in the past. So, if a husband quarrels with his wife, the quick  solution that jumps to the wife’s mind is “divorce”. The wife assumes that it is the only way to follow. Otherwise, life will be unbearable! In fact, what drives wives to that kind of thinking is their excessive confidence in themselves. True, it is the wife who is always the one to blame. In my view, man never thinks of divorce unless he wants to marry another woman. Fortunately, this phenomenon is uncommon in our society although it exists.

On the other hand, in the past the rate of divorce was not as great as it is now. This is because woman in the past was not independent financially because she did not work.So, she could not ask for divorce since she could not afford it. In addition, woman in the past was locked at home and was treated as an inferior being. She did not have her share of education. Consequently, she had no weapons by which she could fight after divorce. So, all that she needed was security and protection rather than divorce. These things were indeed to be attained only by the wife’s obedience to her husband. Therefore, divorce - which means destruction of marital life - was not known for wives in the past.

Furthermore, the rate of divorce is increasing  in the urban areas rather than in the rural ones or among the bedouin. This is partly due to the fact that women in these areas are not  “working wives” . They are only house wives. They could not depend on themselves if they are divorced. Therefore, obedience to husband comes in the first place. Besides, most of these women still live in the dark and are ignorant. For such women, the husband is everything in the world. He is even called “ Si Esayed”.

Of course, it is the only change in society which leads to these conclusions. Society now is not that of the past. Thirty years ago, society was not as it is now. So, what will our society look like after a couple of decades? No one knows what will next attack us. If change leads to such directions, then change is evil rather than good.

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