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Sunday, January 28, 2018

AK2.1 Review

Translate the following sentences into Arabic:
1- Ibn Batouta visited 44 countries. He got married 23 times. He had 70 kids.
2- I have 5 brothers and three sisters.
3- I visited Egypt 9 times.
4- He cut across 4 seas and 3 oceans.
5-How many universities are in the USA?
6- I visited 40 states.
7- She is very rich. She has 3 houses and 5 cars.
8- I told you a 100 times that I am interested in the Middle East.
9- How many markets are in Tucson?


1- I loved her so much.
2- Did you get ready for the Quiz?
3- I prepared lunch on my own.
4- I did not think that Tucson is so beautiful.
5- I was interested in reading about Ibn Batouta.
6- Did you pass by the office of Mohamed Ansary in Marshall Building yesterday?

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