Mohamed Ansary’s 401 students, Fall 2015:
Sam owns Sam’s Club. Sam’s Club is a big market which is very famous in Tucson. Salah Eldin or Amaris who always sits next to Sam has a beautiful dog. He showed us the picture of his dog on VoiceThread. Giana has a family that lives in Phoenix. She is originally from Jordan but she is American. Dan is a flagship student who loves Arabic so much. He was absent for two days because he was sick. If he is absent again, he will send an email to his teacher. Amanda works in the library. She has an Arab friend who helps her with her homework if she asks him. Ginny is the student who has a very beautiful handwriting when she writes Arabic. Mairene is a student who wishes to master the Arabic language. That’s why she joined the Flagship Program. Yazan‘s parents are translators. They are Iraqis but to be honest he was born in Syria. Josh is the only student  who comes from Alexandria. Oh, it is a different city that is located in Virginia. It is not the same city in which Mohamed Ansary was born. Will is a student who is always active but he came asleep last week. He didn’t sleep well. I do not know why. Rofida is a student who does not know if she is American or Egyptian. I think she is both. Haley is a student who is always committed. I thought she is of an Arab origin. Omar is the only student who has an Arabic name without being an Arab. Atacan is the only Turkish PhD student in my class. Alexis is the student who posts the daily homework first. She is one of the students who never miss my class. All my students are great. I love them very much. The question is: Do they love their teacher who loves them so much?

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