Translate the following sentences
which are based on the grammatical rules form lesson 1 to 7 from Al Kitaab Two.
1-I passed the street. I
stopped then continued again.
2-I saw the man carrying the
books and smiling.
3-He is from KSA, which is the biggest
country in terms of production of oil. I am older than him in terms of age.
4-He is very kind hearted and
well off.
5-He speaks the most eloquent
6-She is from Great Britain.
7-The English language is used
in a lot of regions in the world.
8-These are enough seats.
9-I got to know a lot of people
in the USA and they were very nice with me.
10-Don’t betray your country.
11-Say that you love me.
12-Sarah, stop.
13-John, put the ball on the
table. Sleep. Respect yourself.
14-Let’s go to the cinema.
15-Ahmed and Mohamed, please read this
16-The glass was broken.
17-The homework was written
18-The man was killed last week.
19-Mona was born in Alexandria.

20-The movie was produced in
21- I like this newspaper Al Ahram a lot. 
22- This christmas is very different because I will spend it with my friends in Egypt.


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