Why did I choose to be a teacher of Arabic as a foreign language?
When I was young, I was enchanted by Arab poets such as Ahmad Shawqi and Hafiz Ibrahim and by writers such as Taha Hussain and Naguib Mahfouz. Reciting the Quran and memorizing many of its verses also contributed to a strong linguistic and syntactic background of my standard Arabic. This developed my passion for the Arabic language and languages in general. I began to study languages such as English, Spanish and French but my passion has always been for Arabic. This passion led me from teaching English as a second language to teaching Arabic as a second language.

As a teacher, I have tried to convey this passion for Arabic to my students through programs such as the Critical Language Scholarship Program, Concordia Language Villages summer program, and Indiana University summer program and finally at the University of Arizona, School of Middle Eastern and North African Studies as a full-time instructor of Arabic. Through all these programs, I was introduced to the latest pedagogical and technological methods used in teaching languages. I realized that there is another world of learning that I want to enter. In this world the sky is my limit.

لا يزال الرجل عالمًا ما طلب العلم

فإذا ظن أنه قد علم فقد جهل 

و هاأنذا

أتعلم و أتعلم 

و مع المحبرة إلى المقبرة كما قال الإمام أحمد

و سنظل نتعلم و لن ننال إلا القليل

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