Yesterday I went to the doctor because I didn’t feel good. The doctor asked me: “What did you eat yesterday? What hurts you?”. I said:” I fell and broke my leg and I have headache. My blood pressure is very low. The doctor said:” Your eyes are red and I think your temperature is high.” I went to the pharmacy and bought some medicine and then went home and I took the medicine and now I feel better. The doctor told me that I must take two pills every day. I should have some rest. I should stay home for two days.


Ask your colleagues:
How are you?
What’s your name?
What time is it now?
Where do you live? Do you live
in an apartment or a house?
What do you do on a daily
basis? Tell me about your routine.
How do you go to school?
What is your hobby?
Why do you study Arabic?
Where do you study Arabic?
What did you eat yesterday?
What will you do tomorrow?
To where will you go after
How long will you stay in
What will you eat today?
Activity in class: Students
watch this video in class:
Watch this video before doing the
A skit:@ the clinic
You are sick and you need to go to
a doctor. What is the problem? Tell the doctor about how you feel.
The doctor: ask him/her some
questions to know why he/she is sick.



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